business_center Commercial
Rethink your business with customer centric experiences
palette Culture
Rethink culture by mixing the best of two worlds
local_library Education
Rethink knowledge by seeing the bigger picture
home Living
Rethink living by turning dreams into reality
directions_run Mobility
Rethink movement from a playful angle
phone_iphone Technology
Rethink connectivity for a seamless future
location_city Urbanism
Rethink your city with inventive stories
tag_faces Wellness
Rethink wellness by enhancing quality of life


We are architects, entrepreneurs, designers and creative technologists who explore creative solutions and new business models at the intersection of ‘live-work-learn-play’ environments.

Our team have more than 30 years of industry experience and best practice knowledge across a range of architecture, urban design, branding and marketing projects. We use an enriched mix of approaches to target diverse global audiences. Our approach is led with an entrepreneurial spirit and driven by shrewd storytelling.

Our projects are people and future-oriented, starting by asking ourselves how to rethink everyday experiences and daily life for more social, interactive and exciting communities.


  • location_city Architecture
  • devices Creative Technology
  • home Shared Communities
  • event_seat Product Design
  • library_books Research Analysis


Drop us an email at: info@milougroup.com



Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, 11157

New York City

New York

81 Prospect Street, 11201